Feel the vibe.

You had to be there.

Beaches. Sunshine. Surfers. Southern California is full of inspiration.

We spent hours mesmerized by the pure harmony of experienced surfers riding the ocean's endless supply of waves. We walked the streets of legendary surf towns, ducking in and out of local shops owned and operated by the same "dudes" who had captured our attention at the pier all morning.

But the real inspiration came from the food.

With fresh ingredients and bold flavors in every bite, simple food was elevated to awesome. Instead of weighing diners down, the food gave them the fuel they needed to have an active lifestyle, outside in the California sunshine. 

Baja was born. 

Heading home, we already longed for our favorites, like the innovative pizzas served at Wolfgang Puck's Spago Beverly Hills and authentic tacos from dives like Sancho's Taco Shop in Huntington Beach. We knew we didn't have anything like it in our midwestern "meat and potatoes" hometown. If we wanted the authentic experience at home, we would have to build it ourselves. Baja West Coast Kitchen satisfies our West Coast cravings and gives us a place to share this unique culinary wave with our friends and neighbors. 

Try it once, come back again and again.

Start with our Signature Brick Oven Pizzas. Savory toppings and seasonings will get you hooked on Baja West Coast Kitchen. Next visit, try our Surf City Tacos & Rice Bowls or Signature Salads. We're sure you'll find a favorite for every day of the week!

Eat bold. Live happy!